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I really hate how black people don’t understand Obama isn’t there to help us. The sooner we collectively cut ties with him the better. Really gotta be over the whole “my president is black” thing

He isn’t the political position to do anything. He is protecting his family as well. You really think they won’t cut him and his family down for speaking against white supremacy? Who the fuck do you think hired him? 

Ya’ll trippin… Do you know what fucking job he has? He has to be the fucking president of this fucked up country known as the United States of America A.K.A. the land of the free A.K.A. Freedom for white folk.

He’s had to put up with the USA’s bullshit for HOW LONG? C’mon now… His job is entirely too taxing… Give the man a fucking break…

Not only that he is the president of the united states of america not the president of the black people and I’ll be so glad that whole “my president is black” shit is completely over too.

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NYC - 12.8.2014

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